Getting Started

Our office has helped thousands of people since 1979.
Drs. Kelsey only accept patients that they truly feel that they can help.

What can I expect?

Your first visit will consist of Drs. Kelsey reviewing your intake forms, medical records and any x-rays/imaging studies that you may have brought with you or forwarded to our office. They may decide to perform a functional neurologic examination as well.

A thorough case history where Drs. Kelsey will listen…really listen to your concerns, goals and dreams for a better future. It’s important that they understand who you are and what you hope to gain from this program.

A fresh look at all of your most recent lab work using a functional method of analysis. This process helps determine what areas you may require additional testing in. Most people need to have the gaps in testing filled in before Drs. Kelsey can recommend a proper course of action.

A functional neurological evaluation, if needed. Many patients with long term problems experience cognitive issues, weakness and other physical changes. It is important that we understand your state of health at the onset of care. This provides us with a good benchmark to measure progress.

Drs. Kelsey’s special analysis and expertise in putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle for you. Isn’t it time that we unravel the mystery behind why you are feeling so poorly?

A written recommendation for care, if Drs. Kelsey believe they can help you.

Drs. Kelsey often need time to correlate your findings, review labwork and consider whether or not to accept your case. So, a second visit Doctor's Report is commonly scheduled to let you know if our treatments will benefit you. If accepted, Drs. Kelsey will present a written care plan which covers frequency and duration of care, any additional testing required, how your case will be treated, re-examination schedule to track your progress and both insurance coverage and any out of pocket fees. This visit takes approximately 30 minutes.

If your case is not accepted. Drs. Kelsey will thoughtfully explain why they cannot help you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are Married… it is best if your spouse (significant other/guardian) is present with you during both visits so that he/she can see, understand the problems, have their questions answered, and support you in financial decision making. Two sets of eyes and ears are better than one. In the case of a child patient, both parents must be present, even if divorced.

OUT-OF-STATE? (or traveling a long distance?) Not a problem. We can easily manage your case by phone and email. Test requisitions, kits, follow-up questionnaires and supplements can all be conveniently mailed directly to your home.


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