Kelsey Chiropractic and Neurofeedback, LLC.

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Welcome to Kelsey Chiropractic and Neurofeedback, LLC

Drs. Vicki and Charles Kelsey have been treating patients suffering from chronic conditions since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977 and 1978. They have successfully treated knee problems, bad backs and necks, sciatica, thyroid problems, dizziness and other balance problems, IBS, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy, as well as all kinds of headaches.

Since 1979 Drs. Kelsey have helped thousands of chronic pain sufferers. They have continued their postgraduate education in the non-surgical treatment of disc degeneration, herniation and bulging discs. They have completed their course work toward the Chiropractic College Neurology Diplomate and are eligible to take the exam. They have achieved the Advanced Certificate of Competency in Whiplash-Brain Traumatology through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.