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Egoscue Method of healing difficult, painful joints without surgery. The procedures have been beneficial to many of our patients. The following is a testimonial by Jack Nicklaus:

 "In mid-1988 I was told by several doctors that unless I had either a discectomy or a discectomy plus a fusion, I probably would never play golf successfully again.  I obviously did not want to accept the decision of surgery until I had exhausted all possible avenues of recovery.  It was then that I ran into Pete Egoscue, and this foreword is to tell you how he has totally changed my life.

 In chapter one of Golf My Way, I wrote, I am not a believer in methods.   I am a believer in fundamentals.  That is still my view when it comes to golf, but as for an aching back and the rest of the body, I do believe in a method:  the Egoscue Method.  I have been to many specialists around the world, and yes, a few enabled me to achieve some marginal and temporary relief from pain.  But never had I experienced such complete relief as I have by following the Egoscue Method.  The fundamentals are sound, and it has worked for me since late 1988 when I put myself in Pete's hands after enduring several years of increasing amounts of pain, discomfort, and restricted movement caused by deteriorated disks in my lower back.

I was hurting. Take it from me, a sore back was a deterrent to my golf game, not to mention a good night's sleep. My ability to compete successfully, not only physically but mentally, was being undermined. From our first meeting, Pete's ideas and techniques made a difference, not that there was a quick fix. He warned me from the start that it would be some time before the good days outnumbered the bad. Even so, I was pleased to have the ocasional good day--that was progress, in and of itself.

 Pete told me the good days would become steadily more frequent, and indeed, that is what happened.  As the pain decreased I was able to start practicing again.  Golf became fun again; I was not just going through the motions.  On the average, I spend and hour and a half a day doing the exercises Pete recommended, and I have not missed a day since November of 1988.  Sure enough, about seven or eight months after the workouts began, not only was I able to function, but my back stopped hurting also. 

 Pete (Egoscue exercises) get results, witho'ut pills, or a surgeon's scalpel.  There are no gimmicks or shortcutshere;  it takes hard work and dedication.  Unfortunately, many golfers seem to think that back pain or physical problems are inherent to the game, and eventually go away.  In fact, it seems that most athletes, whatever their sport, think that getting hurt and playing with pain are facts of life.  I know that is not true from working with Egoscue exercises and seeing the results they achieve, not only with me but with many others as well.

 I feel better than I have in years.  It is not just the absence of pain, either.  Egoscue exercises convinced me that many of the things we pass off asage or an off day are symptoms of the body slowly grinding to a halt through the lack of motion.  The Egoscue Method jump starts the body again, and that it why it feels good even if you have never had a back spasm in your life.

 Pete (Egoscue Exercises) have developed some extremely important concepts, all of them grounded on his uncanny talent for close observation and anatomical diagnosis.  When Pete looks at the human body, his vision seems to go well beyond 20/20.  I am delighted that he has written this book.  With the help of the Egoscue Method, we can all look forward to feeling better and performing better at whatever we do."

  Drs. Kelsey have both been Egoscue patients and have studied the protocols and use them effectively with their patients.  It is one more great procedure we use to optimize patient outcomes.