Dizziness Testimonial

"Mom was experiencing dizzy spells and problems walking because of her lack of balance. She had seen several doctors, had testing, and even physical therapy to help combat the issues. Nothing seemed to help much. When she started going to see Dr. Kelsey she would always hold on to the railing to get into the office.
We came to Dr. Kelsey for mom's dizziness, but ended up gaining much more. Mom is walking so much better now. She doesn't have to hold onto the railing to walk into his office now! She also is shopping with me again and even pushes the cart. She is also more alert and aware of what is going on. With Dr. Kelsey's tests we found out that she has a gluten sensitivity and avoiding gluten has helped a lot with digestive issues she has always suffered with. She has more confidence to go places and do things since this issue has improved.

Dr. Kelsey and his staff are great to work with. They are accommodating, informative, and genuinely care about their patients. It has been a pleasure working with them. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Penny Simmons"