Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Disorders


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 "Given its complexity, especially when it comes to autoimmunity, it is no wonder that the immune system is uncharted territory for many medical professionals.  Dr. Kharrazian likens this intricate system of checks and balances to a crime movie that involves mafia, good cops, bad cops, and double-crossers.  And. as in a typical crime drama, plans go awry when any of the players deviate from their job.  Dr. K describes the role of TH-1 and TH-2, cytokine dominance in autoimmune diseases and explains how a new helper T-cell, called the regulatory TH-1 and TH-2 imbalance.  Using natural medicine, he guides the reader through the delicate helper T-cell balancing act.

 Dr. K outlines how to identify the six patterns of low thyroid function, using blood tests.  By understanding these functional blood chemistry panels, a physician can assess and support countless people with thyroid disorders early.  Dr. K draws on his years of clinical experience for specific recommendations to help nutritionally address abnormal chemistries.

 For me, the highlight of the book is the final chapter in which he scientifically connects 22 dots to low thyroid function.  My favorite are:

 .Hypothalamus paraventricular defect promoted by cytokines, leading to 

  low TSH

 .Thyroid resistance promoted by elevated cytokines

 .Down-regulated 5'deiodinase activity from elevated cytokines

 .Down-regulated 5'deiodinase from gastrointestinal dysbiosis and

  lipopolysaccharides (endotoxins) produced by pathogenic bacteria

 These four dots link the gut-brain connection to thyroid function, which has been the topic of many recent scientific articles."  Many lives are changed for the better by identifying the causes of each individual's thyroid disorders and tailoring the most effective support for each patient.  In our office it begins with a thorough case history, consultation, and correct medical lab protocols.