Diabetes and Heart Disease Cure

This story comes from Dr. Burns in Health Alert.

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It is a story we have seen in our practice over the years. Having an open mind to other paradigms is a must for healing serious conditions.

"I do not like to take care of my friends medically. But when they are headed toward health disaster, I simply cannot just sit by. I learned this the hard way through my friend Jim, who was like a father to me. When he began to have heart troubles, I gently offered my help. He turned me down for a renowned cardiologist in a world-famous heart clinic.

As Jim got into more and more trouble, I offered again and again, telling him he was in danger. But it was not enough, as Jim was finally turned into a drooling invalid, and eventually poisoned and cut to death by drugs and surgery. This was a hard lesson for me. I now know that I needed to grab Jim by the collar and tell him he would be killed if he did not listen to me. But I was not strong enough, the rest is history, and I learned my lesson.

So when one of my physician friends (Dave) had a heart attack, I knew what I had to do. During Dave's hospitalization, he learned that he was becoming obese; that his blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides were through the roof; that he was diabetic; and that he was at extreme risk for another heart attack and/or stroke. His (and my) medical friends rallied to his side, and he came home on 6 prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and potential stroke.

Aside from Dave's immediate health problems, he was faced with the reality that at the age of 65, these drugs were a dead-end that could not be maintained without a terrific toll on his quality of life. In addition, the very things that he needed to do to reverse his diseases--diet, exercise, and phytonutrients--were foreign to him and completely against his nature.

Nonetheless, my course of action was clear--all I had to do was think about Jim. So we had a heart-to-heart. I thought Dave would reject my protocol out-of-hand. But instead, much to my surprise and joy, and unlike Jim, he embraced it. And this no easy task for a man who has never exercised, whose roots are in organized medicine, and whol likes to eat unhealthy foods and drink alcohol.

The Cure Begins:

The three steps were 1. cutting out carbohydrates and alcohol. The second was intensive weight training. The third was a phytonutrient regimen (the "right" supplements for him." Getting off all glutens was critical. The results for Dave were excellent.